Thursday, October 3, 2013

In which our heroine tries heartily to adjust to a schedule

When Moose was a baby, I worked full time at the Rocket Factory.  I had a fancy title, could spout enough acronyms to make myself sound insanely smart to anyone who didn't know better, and a pretty tight schedule. Then I was laid off in May 2010.

I haven't worked on a schedule since.

Our days just sort of ebbed and flowed.  We woke when we wanted, ate when we were hungry, and rarely had anywhere to go.  When filling out our foster care homestudy, we were asked for a description of our daily routine.  I had to admit that we didn't really have one, but rather a weekly routine that included crochet class on Tuesdays, Story Time at the library on Thursdays, and generally a walk after dinner in the evenings.

Beginning this month, I've had to start running a tighter ship.  Calendar blocks are cramped with times and locations, and most days we have several places to go, generally spread around the tri-state area.  That means that, many days, we're in the cars for hours.  I'm sure many families are used to this.  I'm not.

The end result was the September was pretty much a bust in terms of school.  We've cut a significant number of new obligations out of our plans, but we're still trying to figure out how to cope.  Part of that has been simply to wake up earlier...not typically our style.  Unfortunately, Sprite isn't consistently sleeping through the night these days, and we still don't get to bed until late.

Moose did learn about weather, but mostly we learned about scheduling.  Scheduling and organization.

Scheduling, organization, and the importance of sleep.


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